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Len's Hauling Business Philosophy

Len's Hauling operates according to the following values and guiding principles:

Meaningful Business Relationships: We seek to establish and develop long-term relationships with our suppliers, clients and customers that are driven by mutual focus and mutual respect.

Integrity: All dealings with clients and customers will be honest, sincere, ethical, and straightforward. We will do what we say and we will strive for client and customer satisfaction at all times.

Commitment: We ask our clients and customers what they want in their garbage removal needs, we listen, and will do our best to meet or beat those needs.

Our Promise: We price our service on the value it provides to the client and customer. We will do this by maintaining profitability so we can continue to provide this value well into the future.

Our Hauling history:

1998- 2000

Part time summer helper for Brent Lindgren who called his junk hauling business , Haul Anything

2001 - purchased Brent's 1978 Ford F-350 for $5000 in April.

Affectionately known as "old blue"

Ran the business in a part time roll.

2003 - started up "Lens Hauling" full time as my customer base continued to grow and truly loved being self employed.

2008 - incorporated "Lens hauling"

This is the year I purchased my first 18 bins from China and a 1990 L9000 bin rolloff truck from Henry at CanAm in Delisle,SK.

to compliment the hand pickup side of things

Our hours are the following:

Monday - Friday -  8 a.m. - 8 p.m.* (April - September)
Saturdays  - Variable
Sundays/Holidays - Closed  
Winter Months - Monday - Friday  8 a.m. - 6 p.m.* (October - March)

*These hours are subject to change depending on workload and weather conditions.

Office Hours:

Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.

• Under normal circumstances, 1-2 days' advance notice is ample for our Hand Pickup Service. Just keep in mind that between March and Sept (our peak busy season), the time slots tend to fill up very rapidly.  For our Disposal Bin Rentals, we require 2-7 days advance notice to make sure a bin is available for you.

• Len’s Hauling is committed to minimizing any stress or worry you may have about removing junk from your home. We do our best to work around YOUR schedule and to be on time within the appointment window.

• Trust that we will deliver what we promise.  We will not add extra charges after a job has been agreed to.  Your experience with us will be nothing but positive.

• We have Friendly Professional Employees

• Convenient Payment Options: Cash, Debit (available at main office only), Cheque, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, E-Transfer and Money Orders.


Contact Us: 306-241-0821 or 306-380-LENS (5367)